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RAIN again..!

You may have all been enjoying the amazing weather over the past few days.  It can be quite frustrating when it starts to rain again.. In particular it can be frustrating when treating Japanese Knotweed.


The optimal time is with 6 hours before and afterwards rain free weather!  This means that the chemical sprayed on the leaves has really good time to soak down into the root system!

Injecting the Japanese Knotweed stem is a good alternative, but the stems should be mature and often August-October is the best time for this method.


Springing into Action

Spring is coming fast and so is the Japanese Knotweed!  Out in the Sevenoaks and Crawley the plant looks well and truly dead – don’t touch it as the roots are very alive.  As you can see in the photograph, the centre a deep orange colour.  Also smells interesting to!

However you may have noticed closer in the London area growth is starting to be seen.  Don’t forget especially if you are thinking of selling your property to ensure its professionally treated and have a management plan to cover any questions the potential buyer may have.

under the surface - Japanese Knotweed very alive
under the surface – japanese knotweed very alive, Crawley

Do like to see the hard work last year paid off!

Stem injection of Japanese Knotweed can be very effective way of controlling the beast.

I carried out one visit of stem injection and sprayed the small stems over a few months last year.

This year as the infestation is not too old… there are no signs of any regrowth!

One very happy customer in Croydon

Dead infestation of Japanese Knotweed South London
Dead infestation of Japanese Knotweed South London

Now you see me… now you don’t!

Last year we worked really hard by stem injecting a lot of Japanese Knotweed in a site in Catford.  The year the rhizome looked dead – as you can see from the photo it was a large crown which has grown happily for many years.

With initial treatment the chemicals we use are starting to have a good effect as you can see from the rhizome cut in half


Japanese Knotweed rhizome
Japanese Knotweed being killed by herbicide
crown of Japanese Knotweed Catford
size of a crown