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Here you see it.. now you don’t!

Japanese knotweed removal Beckenham
Japanese knotweed removal Beckenham

Sometimes treating Japanese knotweed can seem like forever, especially when mortgage companies require at least a five year management plan.  If home owners have been treating it themselves or its been damaged often it will take a number of seasons to stop seeing any regrowth in the area.

Here is a mature stand of Japanese knotweed.  It hasn’t had any prior treatment and readily took the chemicals in two visits last year.  This year there wasn’t any trace of the plant.  I LOVE JOBS LIKE THIS!

Japanese knotweed removal Beckenham
Japanese knotweed removal Beckenham




Japanese knotweed removal Beckenham
Japanese knotweed removal Beckenham

The importance of choosing a professional who is a member of the Property Care Association

When you find you may have Japanese Knotweed in your garden, do get specialist advice.  Simply looking up via google often brings scary and confusing advice as discussed recently in the BBC  if in doubt do go onto the Property Care Association Website to find a local company who can give you some clear advice.

The Benefits on an RICS Home Survey

…guest blog by Zak Arden,

Buyer beware!

When you purchase a property in the UK, you do so under the principle of caveat emptor – Latin for “Let the buyer beware”. As the buyer, it is solely your responsibility to complete any required due diligence on the property and surrounding area. Once you have completed on your purchase, you will be financially responsible for any hidden defects uncovered in the property or any environmental issues that may affect it.


Therefore, it is incredibly importance that you obtain as much information as possible before completing on your purchase. There are 3 types of survey which offer to help you make a good, informed decision about a property. These are: the RICS Valuation, the RICS HomeBuyer Report and the most comprehensive option, the RICS Building Survey.



What the surveys cover

When you are purchasing a property, the type of survey you require will depend on the information you are looking for and the nature of the property. If you are only interest in determining the property’s value, then you the type of survey you require is the RICS Valuation, which will give a more substantiated market value. The inspection is longer than a mortgage valuation and the report is more detailed. The valuation survey is suitable for all property types and ages.

There are three levels of RICS home survey that report on a property’s condition, these are: RICS Condition Report, RICS HomeBuyer Report and RICS Building Survey. Which level of survey you commission will depend on the age and tenure of the property you are buying. Both the Condition Report and HomeBuyer Report are concise reports and suitable for standard construction properties, built no earlier than 1900. Large, dilapidated or unusual properties require the Building Survey, which is the most in-depth report, completed by a Chartered Surveyor.

Why choose a survey?

levelThe average homebuyer who bought a property in 2014 without an independent survey faced repairs bills of £5,750. If you are unfortunate enough to uncover Japanese Knotweed, the cost can far exceed this. In 2014, 17% of buyers without a survey faced repair bills of £12,000. An independent RICS Surveyor can help ensure you don’t uncover costly hidden defects when you purchase.

Get free quotes today is a brokerage for RICS Chartered Surveyors. You can get free, fixed quotes from local RICS Chartered Surveyors by either visiting our website or calling us on 0333 011 6683.


RAIN again..!

You may have all been enjoying the amazing weather over the past few days.  It can be quite frustrating when it starts to rain again.. In particular it can be frustrating when treating Japanese Knotweed.


The optimal time is with 6 hours before and afterwards rain free weather!  This means that the chemical sprayed on the leaves has really good time to soak down into the root system!

Injecting the Japanese Knotweed stem is a good alternative, but the stems should be mature and often August-October is the best time for this method.


Ten years for the Trust Mark Scheme – not just a ‘white van man’

As a member of the Property Care Association, Longfield Knotweed Solutions Ltd are in the Trust Mark scheme.  To become on the list of government endorsed businesses, there are a number of strict guidelines which have to be followed – not as simple as just signing up!

The scheme is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and here is an article giving detail to its growing importance for customers when they consider Trust Mark - Government endorsed standards: Invasive weed controllers a company for a job.

If you are interested in the detail of the scheme the Trust Mark published a report which even mentions the Property Care Association and its high standards members adhere to.

little shoots starting to appear

A nice little shoot popping up.  I’m really pleased as this stem growing is so slender compared to the dead canes you can see in the background (last years growth).  If left to grow it would probably be a lot slender than the previous year.  (I will not be leaving it much longer to grow though!)

Also notice the leaves unfurling and the red shady lines to the leaves. That is often an indicator that the leaves have been affected by the last frost.

New Japanese Knotweed shoot springing up
New Japanese Knotweed shoot springing up