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Latest Japanese knotweed news!

An interesting news story from the BBC about Japanese knotweed. It shows just how important it is to have well informed and sustained control and management of the plant, which is what we offer here at Longfield Knotweed Solutions.


The Japanese knotweed season is almost upon us…

I have been receiving many phone calls requesting for treatments as the pesky/ irritating or down right scary plant has found itself enjoying the weather in lovely gardens.  In general waiting a few more weeks for the leaves to develop into lovely healthy specimens will be all worth it as the plant will take the chemical a lot more readily.

At first glance this photo looks like a green background to a garden, looking closer the Japanese knotweed stems and leaves are growing speedily up to the sunlight.

Japanese Knotweed leaves Brockley
Japanese Knotweed leaves almost ready to treat

2017… The next generation of Japanese knotweed jam…

I’m really excited – last year I was unable to find any suitable knotweed stems (i.e. ones that I knew for certain had not been chemically treated with). This year, however, thanks to two kind clients I have been able to make some really good jam.

Japanese knotweed young cut shoots
Japanese knotweed young cut shoots
Preparing the japanese knotweed..
Preparing the japanese knotweed..
a pot or twenty of the Japanese knotweed jam!!
a pot or twenty of the Japanese knotweed jam!!


It’s that time again when Japanese knotweed is starting to grow…

The new shoots in this photo look so pretty as they quickly grow and lap up the amazing weather.  However, look at the size of the dead cane from last year next to it? You can see why it quickly takes over a garden and why other plants don’t get a look in on the sunlight or nutrients from the soil.


Japanese Knotweed new shoot April 2017 Brockley
New shoot of Japanese Knotweed in  April 2017, Brockley (South London)

RAIN again..!

You may have all been enjoying the amazing weather over the past few days.  It can be quite frustrating when it starts to rain again.. In particular it can be frustrating when treating Japanese Knotweed.


The optimal time is with 6 hours before and afterwards rain free weather!  This means that the chemical sprayed on the leaves has really good time to soak down into the root system!

Injecting the Japanese Knotweed stem is a good alternative, but the stems should be mature and often August-October is the best time for this method.