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How can you tell if there’s Japanese knotweed?

I am often asked, can you tell if there is Japanese knotweed in the back garden?  This one such example.  The garden is very overgrown with brambles.  If there was a mature Japanese knotweed plant then I would expect it to be growing through the brambles and taking over the garden; however if there is a small young shoot here, it would be very difficult to identify as it would be under the bramble canopy.  So having a look in your neighbour’s garden (if thats possible!) to see if there is any Japanese knotweed is often a good indication for yours – that is if you’ve not been out in the garden this summer and its a bit over grown like this one!

How to identify Japanese knotweed

If you’re concerned a fast growing plant in your garden may be Japanese knotweed, here’s what to look out for:

Bamboo like stems, which are green with purple speckles

Zig-zag stems with flat leaves, heart shaped at the very tip

Roots that snap like a carrot, with an orange circle to them

What is the difference is between 3 cornered garlic and few flowered garlic?

Actually they are very similar plants and smell gently of garlic if you brush past them or their leaves are crushed.  Unfortunately they can spread quickly and overtake our native garlic species Ramsons or Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum or Allium vineale)!
Both are considered invasive – would like more information?  Here is a great start ID_Allium_species_(Garlics)