Ten years for the Trust Mark Scheme – not just a ‘white van man’

As a member of the Property Care Association, Longfield Knotweed Solutions Ltd are in the Trust Mark scheme.  To become on the list of government endorsed businesses, there are a number of strict guidelines which have to be followed – not as simple as just signing up!

The scheme is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and here is an article giving detail to its growing importance for customers when they consider Trust Mark - Government endorsed standards: Invasive weed controllers a company for a job.

If you are interested in the detail of the scheme the Trust Mark published a report which even mentions the Property Care Association and its high standards members adhere to.

little shoots starting to appear

A nice little shoot popping up.  I’m really pleased as this stem growing is so slender compared to the dead canes you can see in the background (last years growth).  If left to grow it would probably be a lot slender than the previous year.  (I will not be leaving it much longer to grow though!)

Also notice the leaves unfurling and the red shady lines to the leaves. That is often an indicator that the leaves have been affected by the last frost.

New Japanese Knotweed shoot springing up
New Japanese Knotweed shoot springing up