I spy with my little eye something beginning with J..?!

I do enjoy visiting and carrying out site surveys to identify if japanese knotweed is present in a back garden, however in winter it is quite cheeky and looks much like most other plants – dead and brown!

Tell tale signs – stems stand tall and zig-zag at the end.

Can you spot it?

Japanese knotweed identification survey, CR6
Japanese knotweed identification survey, CR6


Springing into Action

Spring is coming fast and so is the Japanese Knotweed!  Out in the Sevenoaks and Crawley the plant looks well and truly dead – don’t touch it as the roots are very alive.  As you can see in the photograph, the centre a deep orange colour.  Also smells interesting to!

However you may have noticed closer in the London area growth is starting to be seen.  Don’t forget especially if you are thinking of selling your property to ensure its professionally treated and have a management plan to cover any questions the potential buyer may have.

under the surface - Japanese Knotweed very alive
under the surface – japanese knotweed very alive, Crawley